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The UKIFDA operates a number of certification schemes to address key areas of UKIFDA member operations.

Depot Certification scheme

The UKIFDA will conduct a one day survey of your depot covering all of the operational areas. The visit is followed by a comprehensive report which highlights and prioritises actions to be taken. Depending on the depots score it will be awarded Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze status and a certificate issued.

The depot with the highest score wins the coveted UKIFDA Depot of the Year Award.

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Fuel Certification scheme

With fuel quality becoming an increasing point of concern both within the industry and with customers, the UKIFDA has introduced a fuel certification scheme aimed at ensuring that operators have a clear understanding of the quality of fuel which they store and distribute. Regular analysis of the stored fuel for water content, microbial growth and particulate matter allows for fuel quality trends to be predicted and also to inform maintenance decisions and even allow for early treatment to ensure that the fuel remains in good condition.

The test results are available for participants to view online and a simple traffic light system will highlight areas for consideration before a major problem develops.

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