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FPS Submits Evidence To The Government’s Consultation On Future Of Off Grid Heating

June 25, 2018

The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS), has made its submission, based on data from a wide range of contributors from across the industry, to the Government’s consultation and call for evidence A Future Framework For Heat In Buildings.

The consultation focused on the Government’s plans to decarbonise heating from the 1.2million homes and 250,000 businesses in the UK that currently use oil and called for evidence on the best approaches and ideas for achieving its carbon reduction targets.

“The FPS provides support and a voice for all oil distributors and everyone connected with the industry, and our submission of evidence to this important consultation should go a long way to help ensure the Government views oil as part of the solution, not the problem, when it comes to the future of off-grid heating,” says Guy Pulham, FPS Chief Executive.

“Ultimately, we support the move towards carbon reduction but passionately believe that oil can play a key role in achieving this, as a new bio oil or carbon neutral liquid fuel and have submitted a range of evidence to support this.”

The deadline for evidence submission was 11 June and the FPS communicated with consumers, stakeholders, FPS members and MPs, to ensure awareness of the consultation, and encouraged everyone connected to the oil distribution industry to have their say and submit their views before the deadline.

“We stressed the importance of open and honest debate with government, all relevant trade associations and consumers, and that communication is key if we are to find the optimum solution for off-grid homeowners in the future.

“Fuel poverty is also a major consideration in the search for the right solution, as currently 16% of the 1.2m homes heated by oil, are fuel poor.

“We strongly believe that a pathway can be created where carbon emissions can be reduced on a staged basis towards a final decarbonisation date far enough in the future to allow our members to work with their suppliers and invest in solutions. In the short-term, consumers should be encouraged to replace old boilers, improve insulation, and fit smart metering controls which will all improve current emissions. Hybrid heating systems are also a possible solution to reducing emissions. Whilst these short-term carbon reduction solutions are being implemented, investments will continue to be made in new technologies.”

“Numerous FPS members have evolved their businesses for 50 years or more, always looking to reduce costs through improved logistics and innovation, which is ultimately passed onto the consumer. They have invested in new technologies and products for many years, and given the opportunity, will continue to do so. The latest technological development is in carbon neutral fuels like e-fuel which is being developed in Germany. This is synthesised liquids made from water, carbon dioxide, and/or waste and should be part of a liquid fuel solution.”

“The Government needs to understand the implications of policy change on off-grid homes, a point we also made in our evidence submission to its consultation. Time needs to be allowed for the development of new technologies and regulation changes now could result in reduced choice and increased costs for heating oil users – and at a time when the ongoing costs of oil remain the best compared to alternatives for off-grid properties.

“Improvements are being made all the time and with ongoing investments in technologies, the FPS is committed to cutting carbon emissions through finding a new product to do just that. Oil can definitely be part of the solution for the future of off-grid heating, be that as a new carbon liquid or bio liquid fuel – and with continued support for the industry, we believe the right solution can and will be found.”

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