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UKIFDA Training

UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) Limited is the Trade Association for the Liquid fuel distribution industry and ancillary interests in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. It provides members with a collective voice for the industry at national level, services to assist members in optimising their business efficiencies and promotes best practice in the industry.

Membership is organised on a geographical basis with regional meetings, and the Association also organises an Annual Exhibition and Distributor Conference. Governance is through Council, to which each region nominates a representative.

The UKIFDA offers support and a voice for the oil distributor at government level to try to ensure a fair deal for the industry as well as enabling distributors to meet and discuss current issues.

The UKIFDA also encourages self-regulation of the industry through raised standards and best practice. It is up to the industry to organise itself through a single body in order to help itself – the UKIFDA exists solely for this purpose.

UKIFDA offer a range of training to meet both regulatory requirements, such as CPC and ADR, voluntary codes, such as PDP, and also to disseminate best practice and improve operator competence, such as Depot Manager training, ADR awareness etc.

ADR, CPC and PDP courses offered by UKIFDA have been streamlined to a large degree. This means that an ADR refresher course will also qualify a driver, in most cases, for their CPC and PDP classroom training for that year. Most UKIFDA CPC courses will also include a drivers PDP annual refresher requirement for that training year. This saves our members time and money as the courses are also offered at competitive rates to members.

PDP practical training can also be provided directly by UKIFDA for its members, where we are able to assess up to four drivers in a day, or member companies can register their own driver assessors either directly with SQA or via UKIFDA. At the present time the UKIFDA is not able to provide practical training or assessments for none members. We are also able to provide a range of other industry training to meet members’ needs.

This includes:

Management CPC Courses First Aid training ADR awareness
Depot Managers course Depot Supervisors course Permit to work

UKIFDA will be happy to discuss bespoke training courses to fit in with your particular requirements. To discuss your specific requirements either contact the Secretariat directly or complete the 'contact us' form and we will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements.

UKIFDA are members of the National Dangerous Goods Training Consortium.

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